The project “Realizator” – stop resource for Customers, Buyers, Sellers, Investors in the following sectors of activity:

  • Construction and acquisition of movable and immovable property at market prices;
  • Loans for physical persons and legal entities with real estate pledge in terms of attractive and individual, such as banks and private investors;
  • Details money (microfinance);
  • Insurance;
  • Leasing means of transport, equipment, real estate from major leasing company, a loan;
  • Legal assistance and support to the transactions.

And that’s not all….

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The benefits to the Buyers

After registration on our Project in the capacity of Buyer, You can access the details of materials for every single object and the ability to work on multiple ways:

  • participate in the race;
  • make use of our services, from consulting and training, all the required documents to the full support of the transaction in favour of the Purchaser;
  • transactions with movable or immovable property “turnkey” in exclusive conditions.

The advantages and opportunities for the Sellers

After registration on our Service as a Seller, You have the option to publish ads for the next sale of movable and immovable property.

We offer a support service for the transaction, from check the “purity” before receiving the money from the Buyer.

The subject is not lost in the midst of thousands of objects, as is often the case with large aggregator for the sale of real estate and stands out from the others for a more effective implementation.

The advantages and opportunities for Investors

After the registration as a Investor, There are the following possibilities:

  • access to the complete database of objects of movable and immovable property;
  • the purchase of special conditions, the objects on our Project;
  • full support of the operations;
  • the accommodation for the service objects for their subsequent implementation;
  • the possibility of private loan and investment.

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The advantages and opportunities for the loan


  • approve a mortgage to individuals for the purchase construction or finished object of immovable property;
  • approve an existing loan on real estate property;
  • accompany the entire transaction process “and”;
  • get a loan a legal mortgage on request;
  • get a loan “easy money”.

We have a lot of preferences and discounts from dozens of our partner banks!

Our customers with banks outside of the competition, and always with an attitude that is loyal to him!

We are doing everything to help you!


  • if You are a citizen of CIS, the foreign citizen;
  • if you Have a denial of credit;
  • if You do not have the official confirmation of income;
  • if Your experience in the last place of work for at least 6 months;
  • if you Have a bad credit history, etc.


  • the sellers;
  • real estate agents;
  • developers;
  • the banks;
  • private investors;
  • microfinance institutions;
  • the insurance company;
  • companies rating.

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