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Annual financial report and filing of annual tax return

Year-end closing and submission of annual tax returns is a mandatory part of accounting of any enterprise. At the end of the year it is necessary to determine the financial result on the basis of the carried out during the year of activity of the enterprise. In plain language – it is necessary to determine the profit or loss received the company at the end of the year.

After the closure of accounts for the calendar year and determine the financial result, you need to complete and submit annual tax returns Natsionalna agentsiya over Come (HAΠ), as well as to prepare and submit an annual report to the National Cтaтиcтичecĸи Institute (NSI). An important part of fiscal year closing is the preparation and publication of annual financial reports in the commercial register.

Annual tax return is submitted until 31 March of the year following the reporting year
(for example, to March 31, 2019 the deadline for the submission of the Declaration for 2018) Supply
the Declaration is done electronically. In the annual tax return
determined by the annual corporate tax (tax on profits),
which the company must pay. Today corporate tax rate
Bulgaria 10%. Corporate tax to be paid also by 31 March. Payment
is on Bank account of the respective office NAP at the place of registration

Tax is usually paid once a year, but
depending on company’s turnover for the previous year, it may be
the obligation to pay quarterly or monthly advance contributions
corporate tax.

Enterprises that are not operated in
throughout the year, are exempt from preparing and filing the annual tax return.
These companies served in the NSI report that the activities during the year they are not
conducted and the Declaration in the commercial register, the owner of the company with the same

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