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Bulgaria: resorts for every taste

Portal European property in anticipation of the summer season is considered the main resorts most dear to Russian foreign countries – Bulgaria.

Bulgarians – people are open, hospitable and extremely talkative. For Russian tourists this is a rather positive fact, because of the language barrier in this country are almost there. All because first, Russian is widely spoken in this country, and secondly, the Bulgarian language is similar to Russian.

People unfamiliar with Bulgarian culture, at first may surprise national custom of the Bulgarians: the negative pump head if necessary to answer “Yes.” Sense of humor is another attractive feature of the Bulgarian national character. In Bulgaria there is even a capital of humor – Gabrovo, and the inhabitants of this city, Gabrovo, characters jokes, known far outside the country.

Occupy a special place in Bulgaria, numerous folk festivals. The most popular and loved New year, Carnival, Trifonov day (February 14) that is associated with the ritual cutting of the vine and of electing the “king of the vineyards”. On 1 March Bulgarians celebrate the arrival of spring, in whose honor I give all relatives and friends martenitsa – a delicate trinkets in the form of tassels of red and white threads.

Sunny beach

The largest sea resort of Bulgaria occupies the space along the long Golden sandy beach 8 km. there are more than 100 hotels and numerous restaurants, bars and night clubs. Hotels located near the sea and surrounded by greenery.

The shore here is flat, enclosed by high dunes, and the seaside is one of the cleanest on the Black sea. Bulgarians adhere to high environmental standards, no wonder Sunny beach awarded the Blue flag (certificate of quality beaches, established by the European Commission on environment and districts annually awarded on the basis of the results of testing the purity of water and sand).

Apartment is 30 square meters in this resort region can be purchased for around €10 000. Studio with area of 44 sq. m. will cost you €15 000. Cheap apartments in 400 meters from the sea will cost about €20 000.

Golden Sands

Golden Sands resort is located 18 km North from Varna, famous for its sandy beaches, amazing yellow, stretching all along the coast. The most famous and popular resort in Bulgaria.

Golden Sands is famous for its ecological cleanliness – the beaches here are quite narrow, and immediately behind them begins the forested hills. Dense forests and Golden sand – a wonderful combination that creates a unique landscape. The sea is quite shallow and the bottom is very clean. The average water temperature in summer is +24°C.

To the sea on the Golden Sands you can add a treatment on mineral sulfur springs. Throughout the year working balneological center. In addition to mineral water for the treatment are sulphur mud. The season lasts from may to October, the weather is usually Sunny and dry.

Studio apartment 25 sq. m. in Golden Sands will cost approximately €30 000. The prices are a little higher than in Sunny beach. Studio 50 sq. m. in Varna, near Golden Sands, will cost about €45 000.


20 km North of Bourgas is the town of Pomorie, which is located on the Peninsula in the center of the large Burgas Bay. Pomorie is famous for its salt lakes with medicinal mud, which treat disorders of the musculoskeletal system, gynecological diseases, disorders of male reproductive activities, neurological and skin diseases.

Since time immemorial, in this region salt was obtained. In the exposition of the unique Museum of salt are ancient structures and tools for salt production, photos and videos. Artificial bays with an area of 20 hectares you can observe ancient ways of evaporation of salt.

In recent decades, the city became an important Spa and Thalasso therapy centre. Among other things, the famous Pomorie brandies and wines. To appreciate all this, you can buy a small apartment of 35 sq. m for only €20 000. Apartment of 30 sq. m. just 70 meters from the sea cost €26 000.


Pamporovo – a famous ski resort with excellent, Sunny weather, which pleases tourists and gives them a good tan. In addition to ski slopes here is still and hot springs, around which there are several Spa centers.

In Pamporovo there are trails for skiers of different levels. In the warm season due to the ideal climate here you can enjoy Cycling and Hiking. Many of the hotel infrastructure, make Pamporovo a great place to stay for a whole year. You can of course purchase and private housing that is inexpensive. For example, the apartment is 31 sq. m. has a price tag of €21 000. Apartment 42 sqm can be purchased for just €28 000.

Text: Ivan Ulitin,