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Chinese investors learn the Bulgarian market

€270 million plan to put Chinese investors in the reconstruction of a cargo airport in Radomir, as well as in the construction of luxury housing and commercial real estate at coast of Bulgaria.

It is reported that major Chinese construction company plans to invest €65 million in the reconstruction of the former Soviet military airfield and extending the runway, constructing a freight and passenger terminals and rail line to make the airport in Radomira (45 km from Sofia) is the country’s largest cargo airport.

With regard to investment in a luxury building, more than the €204 million will be invested by Chinese investors in the development of the Golf complex Thracian Cliffs at Cape Kaliakra: on site within the next 4 years will be built the hotel complex luxury, villas, Marina and casino.

It is expected that both transactions will be completed within the next three months and construction will begin in mid-2016.

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