The program budget 52 200 000 euros. Duration of the program 2014-2020 years

The programme provides assistance in funding for non-agricultural activities aimed at:

The development of rural tourism:

  • The Board and lodging of tourists (guest houses, campsites, hotels, motels, condos, etc.)
  • The development of the tourism facilities that provide visitors with opportunities for sport, leisure or focused on Hobbies and activities providing leisure activities (horse riding, Cycling, photo tourism) and specialized tourism for nature lovers – bird watching, animals, butterflies, plants, etc.);
  • Tourism services related to preservation and exposition of historic, cultural, natural heritage or educational interest (old cellars, mills, farms, indoor and outdoor exhibitions), etc.
  • Local craftsmanship:
  • Craft activities (including providing services relating to participation of visitors in craft activities).
  • Production activities;

Providing services to all sectors of the economy and population, including:

  • the care of children, elderly, disabled, medical care, training, etc .;
  • the establishment/reconstruction or improvement of workshops for maintenance and repair of machinery and equipment for agriculture and forestry;
  • Architectural and engineering work, accounting, documentation and audit, technical services, industrial cleaning, veterinary activities, etc.
  • It activities, computer and electronic activities, e-Commerce, etc.;


Not provided financial assistance for construction and renovation of tourist facilities and development of tourist services in the resorts of developed mass tourism.

Supports projects to upgrade or build housing with 20 dwellings.

Eligible costs

Program will Finance tangible and intangible investments for the creation and development of non-agricultural activities in rural areas, including:

(a) the construction or improvement of immovable property;

b) the acquisition of new machinery and equipment including computer software up to the market value of the assets;

(c) fees for architects, engineers and consultants;

(d) Intangible investments: acquisition and development of software and acquisition of patents, licenses, copyrights, and trademarks.


Farmers or micro enterprises registered as sole traders or legal entities in accordance with the Law on trade, Law on cooperatives or the Law on religious denominations, as well as persons registered in accordance with the Law on crafts.

Candidates must have a registered office or permanent address for natural persons in the territory of the rural areas.

Eligibility criteria

Projects and candidates must meet the following conditions:

  • The investment must be in rural areas;
  • The applicant must submit a business plan showing economic viability of the investment for a period of 5 years / 10 years for construction and installation work;
  • If the applicant is a farmer, should have a standard output of more than 8 000 euros.

Selection criteria also aims to support projects with higher added value and creation of new jobs.

The intensity and amount of assistance

Financial assistance may not exceed 75% of the total amount of eligible expenses and up to 200 000 euros.

The minimum value of acceptable cost – 10 000 EUR.

The maximum allowable cost of the project is 600 000 Euro.

In one word, you bought a house in the countryside in Bulgaria to receive funding under this program, to make it a guest house and start their own business. You need to:

  1. To buy a house in the countryside of interest to tourists.
  2. To register and open your company putting the seat and the address of this house.
  3. To make and coordinate all authority project for a guest house under the house.
  4. To write a business plan for this project.
  5. To Deposit 25% of the value of their projects.
  6. To apply for participation in the program of financing of projects on development of rural/alternative tourism in rural areas in Bulgaria.
  7. To protect the project and obtain funding.
  8. To implement the project.

Everything is quite simple! It should be noted that the aid received on your project under this program after it is implemented and adopted in complete form the special Commission does not need to return.

We will gladly coordinators of your project!

Be careful when choosing a company providing You with services and remember:

  • We conclude the contract and provide reporting documents, both legal and physical persons;
  • We are officially all paid state duty in the Republic of Bulgaria;
  • We take full responsibility to You for performance of its obligations under the contract according to the legislation of the Russian Federation.