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In Sofia there is a significant increase in sales in new

In the first quarter of 2016 in the capital of Bulgaria Sofia, there was a significant increase in sales in new buildings. Most buyers were interested in properties worth up to €50 000. However, such options were not so many, especially in the most popular area of Sofia.

The average price for housing in Sofia have exceeded €800 per square meter. The price increase for the year was 8.4% and 2.5% compared to the previous quarter. As regards new buildings, the apartments are usually sold at a price of €950 per square meter.

It proves once again that today customers are willing to pay more for a new home. The average price of apartments in the secondary housing sector amounted to €79 800, and in the sector of new buildings is €90 000.

An important trend of the period — increase shares of the acquired two-bedroom apartments. Now apartments with two and three bedroom apartments in Sofia are sold with equal success. They account for 85% of the sold properties for the last 3 months.

Often three-bedroom apartments sold in the early stages of construction, allowing you to combine several neighboring apartments and thus meet the needs of the most demanding customers.