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New requirements for cash registers in Bulgaria

New amendments to the Ordinance № H-18 of 13 December 2006 on the registration and report through the fiscal device sales in retail facilities, the requirements for software to control and requirements for persons who carry out sales via e-shop. The changes relate to reporting of financial devices sales at retail, the software requirements for their management and requirements for online trade (…) require that information about each new purchase, paid by cash, cheque, voucher, debit or credit card or other means for the exchange of money, went in for five minutes to the servers of NAP. Each check must have a QR code. After scanning the customer to check whether sent data on purchases in the NAP.
All registered for VAT the company must begin to comply with the new requirements until the end of March 2019. The deadline for all other, including gas stations – until the end of June 2019, and for those who utilizes the integrated automated control systems to trade by the end of 2019. To check if the revision of your cash register to meet the new requirements you can use the link