Company registration in Bulgaria

Features of company registration in Bulgaria

In Bulgaria created the most favorable conditions for attracting foreign investment. That is why the procedure of company registration in this state is very simple and is carried out in a short time. To open his own firm in this country can a citizen of any foreign state. According to the Bulgarian legislation, the Russians and the Ukrainians, owning a Bulgarian property, to be able to purchase a vehicle or land in this state required to register his own company.Foreign citizens permanently residing in Bulgaria by a residence permit or permanent residence is required starting one's own company for employment, invitations to their close relatives or friends purchase various goods on credit and installment, and much more.

Form of ownership

In this country you can open a company with one of the forms of ownership:

For sole proprietors choice LTD. (sole limited liability company).

For a few persons is perfect OOD (limited liability company).



The registration procedure consists of several stages:

To start you must think of for the future of the company.

Next, you need to choose a Bulgarian address for the registered firm.

You will then need to make scans of passports and other documents of all founders and executives of the company.

Finally, you must determine the amount of the share capital of the company (must be at least 2 Lev) and distribute it equally among the founders.

The list of documents

For opening a company must submit to the commercial Register the package of documents consisting of:

Statements, which is served directly by the founder according to the shape of A4.

Protocol of the founding meeting of owners of OOD or of the company (for private entrepreneur).

A friendly agreement (to the DTE) or the constitutive act (EOOD).

The contract for the management of the company concluded between the founders of the CCCS and Executive Director.

Declaration of the head of consent on the management of the firm and a sample of his signature.

Declaration confirming the authenticity of the data provided by the Director of the company in the process of filing of documents in TR.

Discharge from banking institutions on introducing the entire amount of capital at the expense of the company.

Declaration from the head of the company about the lack of any circumstances that hinder the performance of official duties.

The receipt of payment of registration and other fees.

The power of attorney on representation of interests of the owner of the company (in case if it is registered through a proxy).

The registration of a company in TR

After completing the process of collection and preparation of documents, is to transfer it to registration in the commercial registry (a centralized system). The registration procedure takes no more than 3-5 days and after the owner of the company is given a certificate.

The cost of registering a company in Bulgaria is 1200 euros.

Be careful when choosing a company providing You with services and remember:

We conclude the contract and provide reporting documents, both legal and physical persons;

We are officially all paid state duty in the Republic of Bulgaria;