Registration of a Trade Representative Office in Bulgaria

Trade representation is an entity which carries out economic activities. To this kind of activities include exhibitions, advertising products and services, finding partners in Bulgaria and the European Union. The representative office is not a legal entity and does not have the right to exercise an independent economic activity. Any transaction carried out on behalf of the company, which has registered the trade mission.

A residence permit on the basis of registered offices:

All members entered in the registered in Bulgaria trade representative, will receive a residence permit. The maximum number of representatives is not restricted by law.

A representative may be a citizen of any country who have reached the age of majority. Appointed representative does not have to be part of the LLC's registered office. It can be absolutely any person, even a citizen of another state, designated representative, a notarized power of attorney. Power of attorney executed by the Director.

The representative office has no rights of economic activities, does not submit tax reports and should not employ accountant

For representation you can buy a car, but cannot buy land.

If You don't have company for registration of a Trade Representation, we can write to the existing sales office to obtain the status of residence permit in Bulgaria.

Required documents

For registration of a trade representation in Bulgaria, the following documents are required:

Copy of the certificate of registration of a legal entity, notarized;

Notarized copy or original certificate of incorporation;

A notarized power of attorney from the Director of representatives. Please note - it is the Director, not the founder;

A notarized power of attorney registered if registration is made online;

A notarized statement of consent to be a representative in the Republic of Bulgaria the company and that the signature will look as follows;

A Protocol or a decision (if the founder is only one) General meeting of founders with the decision to open representative offices and appointment of representatives;

Scanned copies of the main pages of the passports of all representatives in Bulgaria.


In a trade mission are funds transferred by the parent company for its content. The lack of commercial activities exempt from the requirement of filing the annual tax return. In this case, the representation is obliged to pay social.package, if you need to hire secretaries, drivers and so on.

The address of registration in Bulgaria

Address registration and management of trade mission will be the location of your choice in Bulgaria. If you have a property within the country, you can select it. In the absence of a suitable facility in Bulgaria there is a possibility of registration at the address of our company. For this, we will not charge you additional fees.

The benefits of cooperation

For registration of a trade representative offices do not require your physical presence!

When you contact us you get a full range of services, namely:

Competent preparation of all necessary for registration of a trade representation of documents

Preparation of powers of attorney, declarations, statements, and other

To obtain the relevant certificates and forward them to the customer

The amendments to the existing representation.

Writing and the writing of the representatives.

The registration with the tax authorities.

Registration in BULSTAT and many other services.

The cost of registration

The cost of opening a representative office of our company is 2500 euros for a period of 14 days. If you require emergency service, we also provide Express service ( within 1 day) at a price of 3,000 euros. Translation and legalization of documents in texture translators is 150 euros.

Representation is one of the most common grounds for obtaining an immigration visa D in Bulgaria and a temporary residence permit – the necessary stages of immigration to the country. We will help you to obtain a representation in accordance with all rules, regulations and laws of Bulgaria.

Be careful when choosing a company providing You with services and remember:

We conclude the contract and provide reporting documents, both legal and physical persons;

We are officially all paid state duty in the Republic of Bulgaria;