Inspection trip to Bulgaria for the acquisition of real estate

The organization of the inspection trip to buy property in Bulgaria

After joining the EU, Bulgaria's economy began to develop rapidly, which has led to improved living standards and increases in pensions and wages. Also in this country, excellent climatic conditions and the mentality of the Bulgarians practically does not differ from ours. In addition, the Bulgarian language is very similar to Russian, which provides quick and comfortable adaptation. That is why many citizens of the CIS countries, in recent years, prefer to immigrate to Bulgaria.

Comfortable conditions for the purchase of real estate

Obviously it is much easier to do the paperwork for a residence permit or permanent residence if the apartment or private house in this country. Our company invites you to make a viewing trip to Bulgaria to buy property.

We can arrange a visit at any convenient time for the customer (even on weekends and holidays). As a rule, for the selection and purchase of real estate is 3-4 days. In particular, a viewing trip consists of the following steps:

1 day. Immediately upon your arrival our staff will meet the client in the terminal building. It can be found at the sign with our logo and customer name. Then the buyer transfers to the hotel and a short excursion during the trip.

2-3 days. During this period our advisers will in detail acquaint the client with all the real estate. In the process of inspection of apartments or houses, our specialists will provide you with any information of interest to the client object and help to make the right choice.

Day 4. After the customer to choose the most suitable property we will provide him a meeting with a lawyer, to signing the preliminary contract of purchase/sale and make a Deposit. After completing all legal formalities, the customer will be delivered to the airport.

We provide comprehensive services and have vast experience and an impeccable reputation in this field. Signing a contract with our company, please just come to the airport to fly to Bulgaria, and everything else (purchase of tickets, registration of visas, booking rooms in hotels, transfer to hotel and back and more) taken care of by our experts.

Additional bonuses

In that case, if in the end the customer will buy an apartment or Villa in Bulgaria, then we are guaranteed to return all the funds, spent them on a trip! This amount includes the cost of tickets and visas.
If desired, the client can stay in our apartments is free of charge or in any Bulgarian hotel (for a fee).
In the evenings, so that the customer could have a rest from the search of the apartment, our staff can arrange a visit to the best Bulgarian restaurants and spas.

The approximate cost of the trip

Russians viewing trip approx cost 15000 rubles 3500 rubles for a Bulgarian visa.

Remote sale

The perfect option for people who do not have the time to travel to Bulgaria, but there is a huge desire to buy a property in this country can become its remote buying. In this case, the customer receives 3% discount from the cost of the property. Our database features a huge selection of properties for any taste and budget. To register for a viewing trip, you can directly on our website directly online.

Be careful when choosing a company providing You with services and remember:

We conclude the contract and provide reporting documents, both legal and physical persons;

We are officially all paid state duty in the Republic of Bulgaria;

We take full responsibility to You for performance of its obligations under the contract according to the legislation of the Republic of Bulgaria.