Trust management of real estate in Bulgaria

Asset management of residential properties

Advantages of cooperation with our company:

1. Guaranteed pay according to the numbers specified in the contract.

2. Reimburse material costs for the property and furnish the apartment due to insurance premiums and deposits of tenants in case of damage, damage.

3. The maintenance and cleaning of the property in a proper condition, Laundry, minor household repairs and maintenance (on request)

4. We select tenants in strict accordance with the wishes of the owner.

5. Control timely payment of bills for utility services.

6. Adhere to strict confidentiality.

7. Assume the obligations of the placement, maintenance and monitoring of the placed advertisements on the objects in the aggregator Booking and other.

 Long time real estate Agency offered only the traditional service of renting of real estate in which the role of the realtor was quite modest. Most of the problems and issues commonly faced by the owner, he had to decide for themselves to seek help from relatives, neighbors or leave them unresolved.

Well, if the owner lives in the apartment next door and has unlimited free time, but situations arise in our lives, can be very different. What do people who reside in another city or abroad, frequently travel on business or investing your savings in real estate, have several apartments and country homes for rent? Not all have the time, desire or possibility for operative solution of arising matters.

With the advent of services of trust management of the property, very popular in European countries, the situation has changed fundamentally. Consider the features of this service on the example of trust management of the apartment. Let's say you live in Moscow, and thus are the owner of the apartment in Burgas.

Signing the contract of trust management of the apartment by our Agency, you submit a solution to all issues related to obtaining benefits from the rental of the apartment in the lease, to the Trustee. The contract required including and to the Trustee received the right to sign necessary documents: contract of lease, contract of property insurance, etc.

The contract of trust management by property should be as transparent and clear for the owner. It need to clearly define what should and can do a Trustee, what conditions should meet the tenants, minimum and maximum rental period, how many people can simultaneously live in an apartment, Pets and domestic animals and other significant issues.

As Trustee, we are committed for finding the tenants, to receive their rents and making utility payments, the elimination of current malfunctions, the insurance of the apartment and the property within from flooding, fire, etc. different situations are Possible, so if it so happens that the neighbors want to complain about tenants, they will complain to him, and he will have to respond quickly to the complaint.

Monthly Trustee provides a report on the progress of asset management, which includes information about all the actions, assets, income and expenses, photos of apartments, as well as copies of all supporting documents.

The choice of control must be approached with the utmost seriousness. It is from his skills, experience and willingness to devote necessary attention to your apartment will depend not only your safety, but also the size of the future income. In accordance with the agreement, as Manager's remuneration is set a certain percentage of the income received from the lease of an apartment or other residential property.

Because of this, we are interested in how to rent an apartment at the maximum price, with minimum downtime and to choose those tenants who will not create unnecessary problems. The professionalism of the Manager, specializing in trust management, allows him to find optimal solutions, often unavailable to people who do not have enough experience in this area, so the amount of income from property, held in trust, may exceed the income from a traditional lease, even taking into account the Manager's fee.

Our Agency offers its customers a new service-trust management. We are engaged in trust management apartments, country houses, cottages, townhouses commercial real estate in Bulgaria, observing strict confidentiality.

During this time we managed to significantly improve the mechanisms of our work, to acquire considerable experience in solving problems arising in the delivery of housing to rent, and a large number of regular clients who have entrusted us with their property.

Apartment owners can choose the most convenient way of getting money: in cash or through courier, Bank transfer, card, etc. You can get money anywhere in the world, wherever you are. All apartments must be insured for damages.

We work with a number of large companies, employees who rent accommodation through us. Preference is given to families and those who are planning to rent a house for a long time. Because of this, we are confident in their tenants, among which there are no random people.

If you are considering buying a home as investing, planning to receive rental income from, our experts will help you choose the optimal option in terms of the amount of investment / amount of earned income. This will take into account the impact of such significant factors as area, house type, floor, etc., as well as features of the apartments, enjoying the highest demand.

We have a special offer for owners of apartments in new buildings or apartments that are in poor condition. In accordance with the trust deed of the apartment we can make major or minor repairs at their own expense, clearly marking the period during which rent will be deducted to cover our costs.

Concluding the agreement of trust management, we are ready to consider all wishes of the owner of the property and features his unique situation. The cost of asset management services is determined individually for each object is fixed from the cost of rent per day based on actual guests ' stay, namely if your property was rented during the entire month – 30 days, our fees will be 30 days x 5 days = 150 Euro.

Asset management of commercial properties

At first, the owners of various types of real estate in Bulgaria (offices, shops, shopping centers, restaurants, industrial premises, pavilions, car washes, etc.), usually purchased for its own business and not to receive lease payments. Over time the goal changed owners, commercial property passed from hand to hand, including debts, by inheritance, etc.

Gradually in Bulgaria started to develop a civilized rental market: growing demands of landlords and tenants, the number of objects handed over, and the real estate Agency began to offer a new service, enjoying great popularity in Europe, service, trust management of real estate, including residential property .

In contrast to the traditional aid offered by the real estate agencies in the delivery of objects in rent, trust management of commercial real estate involves the transfer of all of the issues associated with the lease, to the Trustee.

In accordance with the contract of trust management, his responsibilities usually include the search for tenants and receiving rent; insurance; all matters with various authorities; regular monitoring of the condition of the premises, carrying out repairs and other types of work; comprehensive maintenance of buildings and structures; maintenance of all building systems/facilities, including technical consulting, conducting energy saving measures, professional cleaning of premises and adjoining territory; the account of consumption of resources and other issues.

In the contract of trust management of commercial real estate are clearly visible the powers of the Trustee and other conditions, including purpose of use of the premises. For example, if you are the owner of the premises used as a shop, can be fixed in the contract, that it can take only network companies. For building a free appointment, you can specify that it can only give up as an office, and a free plot of land can only be used as a Parking lot. Also the contract specifies the amount of Manager's remuneration (percentage of rent) or the amount of the fixed monthly payments.

The Agency "RE:alizator" is ready to offer its customers a service of trust management of real estate. We've been doing this for over 7 years, under strict conditions of confidentiality. During this time we have managed to acquire significant experience managing a variety of facilities, from shopping centers and restaurants, to small pavilions.

The specialists of our company, specializing in trust management, conduct marketing research in order to properly position in the market of each object and to conduct an advertising campaign to achieve maximum financial results. A contract is signed with the tenant only after providing the necessary information and approval from the owner.

After signing the contract with the tenant, we will carefully monitor the use of the object and its condition, regularly giving the owner a detailed report about all actions with objects, revenues and expenditures, facility photos as well as copies of all supporting documents. We'll know about the desire of the tenant to vacate the facility and make every effort to this time to find a new one, not allowing a single day of downtime.

If you are considering purchasing commercial property for investment purposes, planning to receive rental income from, our experts will help you to choose the object with the highest return, given the object type, location, condition and other factors, and after his acquisition, we are ready to take on all matters related to obtaining income from the rental, as Trustee.

If you are the owner of the object that needs repair, it is possible to specify in the contract that the cost of repairs assumes the Trustee.

In each case we draw up an individual contract of trust management, taking into account the characteristics of each object and wishes of our customers. The cost of services of trust management will depend on the type and condition of the object, as well as those issues that will be dealt with by the Trustee.