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Requirements on the size of investment for obtaining a residence permit in Bulgaria has decreased in 6 times

Foreign investment in Bulgaria is decreasing. In this regard, the Parliament considered a draft law, according to which is reduced the lower the investment threshold required to obtain a residence permit in Bulgaria. Yet foreigners applying for residence in Bulgaria, you need to acquire real estate in the amount of €306,000. However may soon that amount will reduce by 6 times – up to €51,000.

The portal “Russian Bulgaria” reports that in support of this legislative initiative is already supported by the representatives of the migration Directorate Moi. Indeed, the owners of Bulgarian square meters spend a lot of time in the country, then spend their savings and, therefore, extremely useful for the economy.

The bill contains another notable norm – a foreigner who is granted permanent residence in Bulgaria may become a full citizen of the country, investing around €510,000 in one of the Bulgarian companies, or increasing its investments to €1 million.

Against the bill voted by the deputies of the Bulgarian socialist party, who believe that such changes can lead to an influx of migrants from “risky” States.