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The real estate market in Bulgaria adapts to buyers from other countries

With the approach of summer, the demand for the Bulgarian resort real estate. However, the market has significantly changed the spread of power – the Russian and British buyers withdrew to the sidelines.

More recently, the real estate market in Bulgaria has been trapped under a rather narrow category of people. Basically, on the Black sea resorts was advertised for the Russians and UK citizens. In April 2016, Bulgarian Properties reported an increase in demand from people in other 15 countries. Among them were citizens of Canada, New Zealand, Serbia, Italy and Spain.

Interestingly, increased number of buyers from Bulgaria itself. Basically, they buy houses in the ski resorts or on the coast. In the beginning of 2016 were sold especially a lot of properties in Bansko, also for example in Borovets 90% of buyers were Bulgarians.

Buyers from Russia was less than in previous years. Now the Russians, in response to the crisis, interest in Bulgaria only the most expensive houses and apartments.

In the first quarter of this year, the square meter in Bansko can be purchased for €358, Borovets – €585, and in Sunny beach for €520.