All documents provided to the Embassy and Migration Service of the Republic of Bulgaria shall be translated into Bulgarian language by a licensed translator and his signature certified by the Consular service of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Bulgaria.

Visa “D” is provided to the Embassy of the package of documents required. As a rule, the list of necessary documents includes:

  • visa application form;
  • passport;
  • the certificate of no criminal record;
  • proof of residence;
  • confirmation of availability you need to stay money;
  • documents providing proof of grounds for obtaining a residence permit.

Attached to them is additionally a certain set of documents, according to the basis on which You are applying for a visa “D”. In this case, all the documents in foreign language should be translated into the Bulgarian language, then the translator’s signature is certified in the Consular service at the Ministry of Foreign Affairs to the Embassy of Bulgaria or in a service Migration.

In addition, the documents to continue a child’s education in high school or for admission to the Institute, also translated and legalized according to the same scheme.

In each case the list of required documents may vary. We provide expert assistance in translation and legalization of documents. Your personal presence is not mandatory. Just send us the documents by mail, after which we proceed to its translation and legalization.

The entire set of documents will be sent back to you. We offer quite affordable prices for the services of translation and certification of documents: translation –from 5 Euro per standard page of 1800 characters volume, legalization of documents at the Ministry of foreign Affairs of Bulgaria in the usual way — 15 Euro, and the Express version is 30 euros.

Service Translation of documents into Bulgarian language
Time 1-5 working days
The cost Russian — BGN 20/1800 characters with Ukrainian -20 LV/1800 characters

And realisum and we translate documents from other languages — for pricing please call our managers.

Service Legalization in the Ministry of foreign Affairs
Time 1-5 working days
The cost — 1 day 50 euros/document
— 3 days 35 euros/document

Be careful when choosing a company providing You with services and remember:

  • We conclude the contract and provide reporting documents, both legal and physical persons;
  • We are officially all paid state duty in the Republic of Bulgaria;
  • We take full responsibility to You for performance of its obligations under the contract according to the legislation of the Republic of Bulgaria.