Traveller Review Award 2021

Traveller Review Award 2021

Dear Partner!

I want to personally congratulate you on the Traveller Review Award 2021.

Along with many other challenges, our travel options were severely limited in 2020. This means that the trips that your guests were able to make became especially valuable. You've done a great job under the circumstances: excellent reviews over the past year clearly show that guests appreciate your work.

We appreciate you too. The whole team and I personally thank you for your responsible approach and amazing guest experience.

This achievement is worth sharing, so I encourage you to share about receiving the Traveller Review Award 2021 on social networks, post information in your facility and on our platform. Use the hashtag #Traveller Review Award 2021 and mark our account (@bookingcom) so that we can share this joy with you.

I look forward to the new opportunities that 2021 will bring us, and I look forward to strengthening our cooperation. Together, we will continue to rebuild the travel industry.

Congratulations from the entire team Thank you for your cooperation and hospitality.

Sincerely, Glenn Vogel

President and CEO


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Congratulations to all the winners!

Despite the challenges of the past year, you have continued to demonstrate high standards of hospitality and have helped your guests to have a great travel experience.