Terms and Conditions

General provisions

1. The actions of each user of the portal "Realizator.Info" subject to the terms of "Offer".

2. The administration of the site "Realizator.Info" are not responsible for the content of Ads placed, and for regulating relations between Buyer and Seller.

3. The website "Realizator.Info", being the site of LLC "Navigator GROUP" has the right, but not obliged, to request confirmation of the information about the advertised object (the Federal law "On mass media", Federal law "On advertising"), whereas the advertiser (seller) is obliged to provide information at the request of LLS "Navigator GROUP".

4. On suspicion in abusing the free services the site administration reserves the right to suspend the provision of free services.

5. The site administration reserves the right to refuse placing information on the website without explanation.

Rules of rendering of paid services

1. Paid service is for the whole day, the service period is determined by the tariff.

2. The first day of service shall be the date of activation.

The conditions for access to contact information of Sellers

1. Access the contact information of Sellers implies either direct contact of the Seller that he listed in his Ad, or the ability to send a message via the internal mail of the website. If the Seller chose to hide their direct contact, then the Buyer may contact them only through email.

2. Access the contact information of Sellers, who have placed their ads on the portal "Realizator.Info", is paid. Read the conditions of access to the contact information here.

3. Contact the Seller, once the Buyer open, and remain open for him.

4. Opening of the contacts which the Buyer sent to the Seller via the form response on the website, for the Seller free of charge.

5. View the contact information of Sellers, the distribution of the proposals and also any other interaction with the audience of the portal, using automated means of data collection is prohibited.

6. When connected to the service "Access to database objects" (both separately and included in the package) the user agrees that he is entitled to use the base objects and derived data solely for the purpose of acquiring real or personal property. The distribution of materials is allowed only with the consent of the Administration of this publication, citing the source publishing website "Realizator.Info". In the case of misuse of data about the object, the product, the administration reserves the right to disable the access to the database objects. In this case, funds paid by user for the service are deducted as a penalty for the unauthorized use of materials on the basis of the notice.

Filling of the Personal card

1. On the website "Realizator.Info" single sign-on is allowed one account. Two or more registration on the website are in violation of these Rules.

2. In Lichnoi card is prohibited:

links to sites not directly related to the Buyer, Seller or Investor;

continuous (not divided into paragraphs), the text "discharge", extra white space; the text or part of text, typed in capital letters;

advertising texts, including the phrase advertising. For example: "We offer the best products in the world".

The placement of the object

General provisions

1. Object, a product must contain accurate information.

2. To publish the object, the product of third persons or the same objects with the same Seller in different categories is prohibited.

3. To place the object of one and the same person from different "Personal office" is prohibited.

4. All objects, products published on the website "Realizator.Info", tested the service of moderation. Objects that do not match these rules can be edited or removed from publication.

Filling in the card object, product

5. All the fields in the summary should be filled in according to their title and purpose, the same language, in accordance with the rules of the language. Required fields are marked with an asterisk (*).

6. The names of objects, goods like "luxury apartment" or "Things to buy now!" are not acceptable. It would be correct to write "Luxury apartment (renovation) or Apartment at a special price."

7. Objects is published strictly defined categories.

8. The additional benefits can only be specified in a block "More".

9. Contact information (name, phone, e-mail, icq, skype, profile in social networks or link back to my site), you can specify only in the "Personal card".

10. In the object text, of the goods is prohibited:

to give information about more than one object;

to duplicate the same information in different fields;

use profanity, slang, rude and swear words, a large number of special characters, translit'and the CAPS LOCK and;

post links to other sites;

to post information that is contrary to law; contains direct and hidden advertising of goods and services; linked to religious sects, occult services; in fact involves the provision of sexual services or sexual services; is associated with the financial pyramid, network marketing and other questionable means of earning; offers work or training, requiring the payment of cash.


11. The pictures on the page object, product.

12. It is forbidden to post photos:

erotic content;

containing advertising, links to other websites, telephone numbers and any other contact information.

15. In the field "Documents" a Seller can place files with additional information in pdf, xls, doc, doxc does not contain any contact the Seller.