"Realizator Info" - foreign real estate. Buying, selling, renting real estate

Realizator Info is a multifunctional complete solution for Buyers and Sellers, specialists in the field of real estate - Private agents and real estate agencies. Our system allows you to create different variants of cooperation, depending on the objectives and proposed services. Realizator Info – multi – portal- Bulletin Board, for submission in the purchase, sale, exchange, lease or rental of facilities private and commercial property.

For whom?

  • For owners and buyers;
  • For private real estate agents;
  • For real estate agents who have no website or as an additional tool to attract customers;
  • For developers or residential complexes.

The project "Realizator Info" - one-stop resource for Customers, Buyers, Sellers, Investors in the following areas:

  • Sale and purchase of residential and commercial real estate in Bulgaria on favorable terms;
  • Asset management of real estate "turnkey" support on the letting of residential property, the calculation of the liquidity facility and the resolution of all organizational issues;
  • Insurance;
  • Legal advice and transaction support.

And that's not all... You can ask your query in the form of "Questions and Answers" we will be happy to help You!

Benefits for Buyers

Users get access to detailed material for each object and a unique opportunity to work for several options:

  • to participate in the auction;
  • take advantage of our services, from consulting and preparation of all necessary documents to complete the transaction in favor of the Buyer;
  • support of transactions on purchase of real estate "turnkey" on an exclusive basis.

Benefits and opportunities for Sellers

After registration on our Service as a Seller, You have the opportunity to place ads with the purpose of selling real estate. We offer services in support of the transaction, starting from checking the "purity" until receipt of funds from the Buyer. Your object is not lost in the flow of thousands of objects, as is often the case on large sites, aggregators real estate, and moving and stands out in the search for more successful and rapid implementation.

Advantages and opportunities for Investors

After registering as an Investor, You have the following options:

  • access to the full database of residential and commercial real estate;
  • exclusive deals and property search for individual query;
  • the acquisition on favorable terms of objects posted on our Project;
  • full support of transactions;
  • placement on the service's own objects for their further implementation;
  • advertising.

Leave your request on our website and we will contact You!

We orientirueshsya on the wish of the customer and guarantee the security of the transaction!


  • sellers;
  • realtors;
  • developers;
  • private investors;
  • insurance company;
  • valuation of the company.

Our advantages!

The implementer is the turnkey solution for business. If you are an individual, then this solution will help you sell, buy, rent, rent or exchange your property. If you're a private agent or Agency, you can increase Your profit by placing ads on our project.

We have tried to do everything for the convenience of visitors and facilitators for the implementation of property:

  • adding ads on sale and rent with different pricessimple and beautiful design;
  • very fast operation of the site;
  • simple administration panel;
  • the ability to easily book a property directly on the website;
  • a simple search for all ads.

Site management

To work with content on our System can even Amateurs.

In the control panel on the page easy to add functional blocks:

  • list of ads;
  • materials;
  • special offers;
  • search the classifieds on the map;
  • contact form;
  • summary information on the page.

On the basis of what criteria guided customers in selecting the private broker, place on a personal website with the relevant information.

It can be:

  • reviews and customer testimonials;
  • description of experience;
  • certificates and licenses;
  • the number of transactions;
  • legal qualification.

SEO settings

Basic SEO settings – based promotion of any website. In a Distributor, we have provided some useful SEO features.

Site map

Site map (Sitemap) contains information for search engines and is taken into account when indexing the site robot. At the same time, posting on the website a Sitemap file, we will inform the search engines about which pages to index, how often is updated information on the pages and the degree of importance of each material.

Friendly URLs

Legadema and not too long link to the page is another trust factor – search engines to our resource. In the section "Editing the Friendly URLs and SEO" you can provide meaningful link to the article or property.

Tags title, description, keywords

For each page you need to register a title, description and keywords. Title the "title" appears in the title of the browser tab, in the snippet of search results. It is desirable that the meta tags for each page was unique and – most importantly – relevant content.

The text of the "description" should be short and to the point. Usually the title should not exceed 50-80 characters, and the description does not make sense to write more than 150-200 characters. It is not a strict requirement of the search engines, just a long description will be truncated in search results.

To fill in the metatags for every page and object in the module "SEO".

Integration with social networks

Post items to social networks, Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Vkontakte. When placing a new object on the website do not have duplicate content, new posts with the ads are created automatically. Technical details: standard post Vkontakte contains a title and a short description of the object, and a direct link to the page object for the Implementer.

Design and layout

Ease of use the Implementer is already tested by many users. Thanks to the adaptive layout our real estate website conveniently viewed on desktop computers and laptops, and mobile devices.

What is the conclusion?!

Summarize the results that are important to every estate agent, as well as the agencies or developers:

  • simple and convenient operation via personal Cabinet;
  • attractive and comfortable design;
  • useful content, with an emphasis on professional services;
  • basic SEO settings to search engine were friendly disposed to your offer;
  • flexible system of tariff plans and additional features.

Advertising opportunities

In the era of the aggregators own website – this is not the limit of possibilities in the promotion of business. Today, the sales Agency need to be present on popular platforms for selection of real estate.

Our site allows you to upload ads to the service "Yandex.Estate" – one of Russia's most popular aggregators for finding accommodation and in addition the objects are in the largest in Russia database of overseas property in Russia is more than 80 sites and every year their number increases.

Holiday apartments and services

On our site has a function of daily rent, quickly book an apartment and pay rent online.

This feature is implemented in our project using "booking Calendar" and "Acceptance of payment and paid services on the site."

Want to profit from your property? This will help our function "Reception of payment and paid services on the site."

We accept payment by means of one of the most famous and popular payment systems:

  • Paypal: https://www.paypal.com/ru/
  • Robokassa: https://www.robokassa.ru/ru/Index.aspx
  • W1 *: http://www.walletone.com/ru/wallet/
  • LiqPay *: https://www.liqpay.com/ru/
  • Paymaster *: http://paymaster.ru/

The size of the charged Commission for the transaction and other information you can get passed to the payment system site.

Paid services apply to the ad, those present in additional functions:

  • Mark as special. offer (the ad gets in a special section of the site)
  • Raise your ad (ad will be higher in search results site as well as highlighted in color)

The same Declaration can be applied to all chargeable services.

As well as to use any paid service to any ad in section "Manage ads".

The user can pay for the booking in your account, after successful payment the booking is confirmed and these days are marked on the calendar as booked.

The function of "Seasonal prices"

With the beginning of the holiday season in many cities site owners rent will be a useful opportunity to adjust the fluctuations in property prices. Our function of "Seasonal prices" you can specify an arbitrary period of time, and set the price different from the current ones.

The function of "Seasonal prices" allows you to set different prices for rental property for different periods. You can create an arbitrary period (e.g. may to September), give it a name (e.g., "High season") and set for him the price: You can change the order of periods in the ad:

If at least one of the seasonal price fits the search criteria, the ad will appear in the search results.

Internal correspondence

"Internal correspondence" is the exchange of messages between registered users and between a registered user and administrator. When using this function is implemented by the internal mail system. For registered users changes the function of the link "Send message" on the announcements page, message will be sent using the module. In the user's personal account there is a section "My messages":

In the personal Cabinet there is a section in the "Messages" section, "Mass mailing":

The category of "Mass mailing" allows you to create internal mailing lists, you can select users according to the following criteria:

  • The type of the user;
  • The presence of ads the user;
  • The location of the ad user.

After the selection criteria you can select users from a list at the bottom of the page. For distribution you can select up to 30 users:

A message can attach a file. Supported file types: jpg, png, gif, doc, docx, pdf. Maximum file size: 16 megabytes.

When you receive a message with "Internal correspondence", the user receives e-mail notification.

The function of "booking Calendar"

The use of this feature allows owners ad type "Surrender" to specify, remove, and edit busy periods of real estate:

Occupancy of the properties displayed on the page of ads in the form of a calendar in the tab "Periods armor". Such representation allows users to visually see the dates on which the selected property is unavailable to rent:

If the module booking calendar installed and enabled, upon confirmation of bookings, the announcement is automatically marked as booked on specified in the application period. This function module allows you to avoid re-booking of property in busy days.

The Function Of "Advertising"

With the help of this feature you will be able to post on the site banner ads.

For each ad unit you can select the desired position of the block on which pages of the website will be shown a banner ad and the type of the hosted banner: image, html code or javascript code.

  • In the drop-down list of "I want to place" select the type of ad unit;
  • Select "Top center";

In the list of "Pages" select "All pages" or necessary which will display the ad banner. Please note that this refers to all pages except the pages that open in a modal window (e.g. fancybox, etc.).


One of the most important and convenient features on site Multilingual, it allows for the listing to place the object in several languages, namely: English, Turkish, Bulgarian, Russian, Spanish, Italian, German and French. Thus, these language functions and built multilingual platforms, in other words allows you to attract potential buyers to the site from different countries.


The implementer has a built in feature of using multiple currencies and automatic system updates of course. Thus, if one currency Russian ruble, for convenience, you can toggle in the upper part on the desired currency and the value of the object window will be updated according to your choice and the exchange rate.

Popular properties in Bulgaria

For Sale

Address Bulgaria, Burgas region, Saint Vlas
$ 84 202
  • Number of bedrooms 2
  • Floor/Total number of floors 4/4
  • Square 108 m2

Address Bulgaria, Burgas region, Saint Vlas
  • Number of bedrooms 2
  • Floor/Total number of floors 6/6
  • Square 50 m2

Address Bulgaria, Burgas region, Saint Vlas
  • Number of bedrooms 3
  • Floor/Total number of floors 4/6
  • Square 102 m2

Address Bulgaria, Burgas region, Nesebar
  • Number of bedrooms 2
  • Floor/Total number of floors 3/6
  • Square 52 m2