Sale of residential real estate in Bulgaria

Selling residential real estate in Bulgaria

The market valuation of the apartment, country house, Villa or townhouse is the first and very important stage of the sale. If the price is too low, you risk losing money, but if it is overpriced — on sale object, it can take years.

Unlike self-assessment, professional assessment is done comprehensively. It takes into account not the cost, the claimed in advertising the same objects, and the real price of transactions, location, infrastructure, communications, condition of home, quality of repairs, the views and many other parameters.

The next step in the sale is a set of marketing activities, including individual advertising campaign that you need to use the most effective channels of promotion: printed publications, popular databases on the Internet and specialized databases for realtors. Only in this case, thanks to the most complete coverage of the audience, you can count on a successful sale.

If you sell the property for the purpose of purchase new, the technology works much more complicated and the risks increase significantly. In this case, often need to quickly find an alternative option to both transactions took place simultaneously and be especially careful to check all documents to avoid any unforeseen delays.

Qualified specialists of the Agency "RE:alizator" will help you not only to accurately assess the site and effectively represent it on the real estate market (thanks to an advertising campaign at our expense), we offer a full range of services, starting with professional advice on all matters related to the sale of housing.

Analysis of the object will give us the opportunity to find his key strengths and to focus on them the attention of potential buyers in negotiations. We arrange views of an object in the time convenient for you, take the collection and give a legal assessment of all necessary documents, will help to carry out the transaction of purchase and sale, including all the settlements and state registration of transfer of ownership. While we do not have any hidden fees — you always know the price, which is called the buyer.

Be careful when choosing a company providing You with services and remember:

We conclude the contract and provide reporting documents, both legal and physical persons;

We are officially all paid state duty in the Republic of Bulgaria;

We take full responsibility to You for performance of its obligations under the contract according to the legislation of the Republic of Bulgaria.

Our Agency sets no hidden fees, so you will have accurate price information, called customers.