The benefits of vacation and living in Bulgaria

10 reasons to invest in Bulgaria

Guarantee the safety of investments.

The possibility of increasing investment.

Political and economic stability, an EU member.

Low prices, wide selection and ease of purchase.

The lowest taxes in Europe.

Obtaining a residence permit.

Affordable prices for accommodation and food.

The terrain and mild climate.

Cultural closeness.

The prospects for children — European education.

Geography Of Bulgaria

Total area — 110 994 sq. km.
About 32% of the country — plains, 41% hilly regions
27%: — mountains,forests occupy 48% of the territory.
The climate is temperate-continental with 4 distinct seasons.

Marine tourism

The beaches are among the cleanest and safest in Europe

The lack of hazardous flora and fauna.

The favorable climate, over 300 days of sunshine a year.

Rich in natural and cultural potential.

Transport links — international airports in Burgas and Varna.

The presence of mineral springs and therapeutic mud — a combination of leisure with Spa treatment and Spa procedures.

Ski tourism

Bulgaria is a popular destination for winter tourism.

The total length of the slopes is 210 km.

The duration of the season — from early December to April.

Facilities for artificial snow.

Bansko is the largest winter center.

Borovets and Pamporovo — other

Spa tourism

More than 700 mineral springs.
The first place in Europe in the number and variety of mineral waters.
Modern SPA hotels with high quality service.

SVETI KONSTANTIN AND ELENA — diseases of the upper respiratory tract, endocrine, nervous and cardiovascular systems, musculoskeletal system, etc.

POMORIE — mud applications and mud baths, physiotherapy and massages, diseases of the respiratory system, musculoskeletal system, nervous system, infertility.

HISSARYA — 22 mineral springs, treatment of the genitourinary system, digestive system, liver, metabolic, gynecological, neurological and other diseases.

GOLDEN SANDS resort is popular as a Spa destination.

Cultural tourism

Culture, history, Ethnography, religion, architecture and art.
40 thousand historical monuments, 36 cultural reserves, 330 museums and galleries.

Pristine nature and amazing biodiversity.

Historical monuments included in the UNESCO list:

The Thracian tomb in Kazanlak, the IV-III centuries BC.

Thracian tomb of Sveshtari near s near Razgrad, III century BC

The Madara horseman near Shumen, V. VIII

Boyana Church, X-XI.

The rock churches in Ivanovo from the city of Ruse, in the X-XIV centuries.

The Rila monastery, the tenth century.

The old town of Nessebar.

Golf tourism

Golf resorts – an oasis of sports, Spa pleasures and active recreation.

An incredible combination of beautiful nature and favorable climate.

The most popular Golf courses, near Balchik, Kavarna, Bansko, Pravets.

Education in Bulgaria


Free tuition at state schools for foreigners;

Profile of the school;

The European and American schools;


51 the University;

The diploma of the European sample;

Training cost – from 1500 € per year

Food prices in Bulgaria

Product Price (€)
Bread of 0.7 kg 0.50
Pork, 1 kg 2.80
Lamb, 1 kg 5.50
Beef, 1 kg 5.00
Chicken, 1 kg 1.70
Trout, fresh fish, 1 kg 5.00
Sugar, 1 kg 1.10
Rice, 1 kg 1.80
Cheese, 1 kg 3.00
Keys. milk 0.4 kg, 3.6% of Doc. 0.45
Milk, 1 liter 0.90
Mineral water, 11 l 1.60
Cherries, 1 kg 0.90
Tomatoes, 1 kg 0.75
Cucumbers, 1 kg 0.55
Shumensko beer, 0.5 liters 0.50
Grape brandy 0.7 l 4.00

Taxation in Bulgaria

Country Income tax (%) VAT (%)
Corporate Individual
Bulgaria 10 10 20
Israel 25 11,5 — 50 17
Russia 20 13 18
Kazakhstan 20 10 12
Ukraine 18 18 20
Belarus 19 13 20
Cyprus 12 35 19
Greece 10 37 18
Turkey 20 15 — 35 18
Italy 27,5 23 — 43 21
Spain 30 24 — 52 21
Germany 30 — 33 14 — 45 19
France 33,33 A 5.5 — 41 19,6

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