Maintenance of real estate in Bulgaria after the transaction

Service after the transaction

Assistance in the delivery of property in rent;

Registration of contracts for the supply of gas, water, electricity;

Assist in the preparation of registration by place of residence;

Assistance with registration in tax Department;

Legal services;

Assistance in the event of domestic issues, repairs, purchase of furniture, equipment, etc.;

Help with buying cars or yachts, also, if you decide to rent them.

Our customers only receive professional services, we guarantee full confidentiality of the transaction, the whole process is very easy and intuitive for the client. Our company provides individual approach and is focused on the customer. You can be sure of the quality of the selected property will be high enough.

For several years our company has been successfully selling and renting properties in Bulgaria. Our database contains a wide range of offers all types of real estate. Professional staff working with us will help you to find the object of interest, according to your wishes. A team of professionals will provide a range of services before, during and after your purchase of real estate.

Types of real estate in Bulgaria

The attention of the customers offer to purchase the property: apartment (apartments), bungalows, villas (houses), townhouses, penthouses, and other objects on the coast of Bulgaria. To buy property it is now very profitable, since the cost of facilities has fallen markedly decreased interest rates on loans in Bulgarian banks.

Buying real estate in the primary market, you get ready-made housing, with air conditioning and a modern renovation. As a rule, the cost of food is already included in the cost of housing.

Property from the secondary market is a good accommodation for a very reasonable cost. The process of registration of such transaction costs much cheaper, while houses, apartments and penthouses are already equipped with furniture and modern appliances;

Bank property – Bulgaria is easier to obtain a mortgage loan. Usually, such a property is much cheaper, and there are preconditions for its further reduction in price. But I must say that the demand for this type of real estate quite active. So who is planning to purchase banking premises should hurry.

Our participation in the process of buying property in Bulgaria

We understand how our clients expensive their time, so do everything very efficiently and in the shortest possible time. All objects of real estate, the company agrees with the client prior to the visit of the buyer to Bulgaria. Covers all the nuances of detail. So, what we can offer your clients:

Search real estate listings;

Individual selection according to the wishes of the client;

Advice on registration;

The organization view (selection of the hotel or apartment, tickets, transfer issues, assists with visa services

translator when visiting the selected property).

Legal support of the transaction of purchase and sale

Assistance in the speedy receipt of the statement from the registry, which confirms that the object is legally clean;

The paperwork of the purchase.

Translation of documents and their notary certification;

Registration of the purchased object;

Notary services.

Financial services

The choice of the optimal banking product offered on the market;

Assistance in opening Bank accounts in financial institutions in Bulgaria providing the client with a full package of banking services.

Insurance services

Provision of Advisory services with the selection of the necessary types of insurance (insurance of real estate, vehicles, health, etc.);

Assistance in execution of insurance contracts;

Insurance of immovable property, on terms as beneficial to the client;